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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Time Management to eradicate Stress

Stress Management with AcNOW®

If you have been going in circles to sort your stress problem out then its high time you adopted the innovative approach to the Time Management enumerated in the book “ No Such Thing as Time

The biggest source of all the stress is being bogged down by either disappointments of the past or worrying about the past. Here we are made to understand the you simply don’t have any time with you other than the “NOW”

Hence by making AcNOW® the guiding principle of your time management you can root out the curse of Stress for ever. This action oriented approach to time is geared to convert you into a doer. It makes taking actions on your goal a positive habit and second nature for you.

G P Tripathi

Wednesday, January 21, 2009



Thought for the day:

Only AcNOW® can deal with Procrastination Effectively

There are various reasons for putting off action and this is very common habit or else entire world would have had become absolutely productive. Still four main reasons that are normally blamed for procrastination are:

The usual habit of inaction
Waiting for the right time that never comes
Waiting for right mood
Waiting for some detail which is some how connected to task

Fortunately with AcNOW® system of innovative Time Management one can easily over come procrastination.

Procrastination is a common phenomenon eating into every body’s Time. It is about putting off the things that you should be doing now, to some other time. Then this some other time never comes. The ‘other time’ is meant to never ever come. This is the very nature of time.

Time comes to us in its basic unit called “NOW”

So much has been written on how to win over the Procrastination habit, yet you are reading this article is in itself the proof that nothing seems to be working so far. This is where this innovative approach to time as “NOW” is so useful, effective and simple to implement.

Your past is made of long strings of “NOWs” gone by. Your future has a string of “NOWs” yet to come by. You have absolutely no control over both the past NOW as well as future NOW. The only present NOW is within your reach and control. Which is the right this moment, the “NOW” you are in just now. This NOW is the only time you have. To make use of this NOW you must act instantly or this now shall become wasted past. Hence Act now or AcNOW® is the only way forward. Allow this revelation to sink into you properly first.

Have you been able to grasp the meaning and the importance of “NOW”?

It is so crucial to understand this “NOW” as unless time is understood, how can it be managed? In fact for all practical purposes we must stop using the word “Time” and instead begin calling time as “NOW”. It will straighten so many things and make the NOW Management comprehensible to every one. Time Management is nothing but Now Management.

So once you bring AcNOW® into your life, procrastination would automatically vanish. The other issues can also be dealt with by system of setting gravitational Goals as explained in my up-coming book: “ No Such Thing as Time” which would be available from website soon (right now under construction).

I penned down this article specifically for the “very first Time Management day”; that is being celebrated around the globe on 21st January.

We mark this day by:
Reading at least some thing about Time management (If you have read this article and comprehended the message then its enough) on this day
Pledging to better manage our Time
Since now is the only time we have, think what could be this Moment’s Best Action (MBA) and act immediately on it, even if its only for few moments. Try to feel the associated sense of achievement of having done what best could be done during these moments. If it’s so good in just those few moments then why not continue with the fun. That’s the idea: to make Time Management fun, that’s what it’s all about.

This First “Time Management Day” would also be remembered as it is from this day that the new American President Obama takes office after the swearing in ceremony on 20th January.

By the next “time management day” I expect to have our community expand to at least a million members around the globe and start a social networking site (in addition to specifically meant for “NOW” consciousness!!

Happy Time Management Day


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I am engaged with double tasks of finishing the publishing details of my Time management Book: "No Such Thing as Time" as well as a free guide on Time Management to be distributed to those seeking to go ahead a little faster in life.
G.P. Tripathi

Monday, January 12, 2009


What is Life ?

A question that is answered by everyone by living the life without having a clue as to what it is!!In a way Life could be said to be the TIME between birth and death.Then shall we say TIME is Life or Life is TIME ?
That should make TIME very important??
Do we really understand TIME ???
If we don't then what is this talk on Time management all about ????
Best Regards
G.P. Tripathi